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hear from our Students

The teachers, the students, the atmosphere, there couldn't of been anything better about this place. I was begging to sit in class longer, I was asking to stay late, I wanted to be there even at 9 in the morning. I was participating in class without even realizing..."

-Ashley, Alumni

Hair's How is hands down the BEST hair school in New England to attend. The staff is unbelievably sweet and extremely dedicated to teaching the kids that come through there and making them the best they can be."

-Tyanna, Alumni

hear from our Clients

I can't say enough about this little gem hidden in Wakefield, MA. I recently had my haircut and color done at the school and it came out fabulous. Even better than a professional salon. The staff, teachers and students are very knowledgeable and professional. Can't go wrong with the price and value."

-Anonymous, Client

I love this place! Always a great cut & get my blonde highlights to mingle with the grays so their not to obvious. The women who run it are awesome & watch over the students while cutting & the students are great. Haven't met 1 I didn't like. A very friendly atmosphere where everyone gets along & with the price, you can't beat it! Give it a try. I bet you'll keep going back! A very happy customer

Glenda, Client

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